Market Full Of Misleading Nomenclatures

Our identities play a major role in our daily lives. The clothes we wear, the way we speak, and the names we use to address each other. We have always distinguished ourselves through our names. Our names have formed a major portion of our identities. But sometimes, all is not what it may seem. A name might not really define the identity anymore. For example, French toast and French fries aren't defined by the French cuisine. Mincemeat is a traditional English pie filling and it doesn't contain any traces of meat. The flying fox is actually a species of bat. The bald eagle isn't bald.

And in the same way, genuine leather isn't the most genuine of leather that you can find in the market. A typical sheet of genuine leather contains the bare minimum amount of leather that qualifies it. It's the lowest quality of leather and needs to be reinforced with a large quantity of glue. It also withers the fastest out of all types of leather. But yet, the misleading name "genuine" is what entices the casual customer into investing their money into genuine leather products.

The best type of leather is Full Grain which is of the highest quality, is authentic and unaltered. This pure form, free from adulteration like polishing, synthetic addition and sanding provides for the best quality product. Full Grain leather has a higher quality finish, a better look, higher durability, and significantly longer shelf life over genuine leather. This is wholly due to using the hide as it is to produce leather.

A typical pair of full grain leather shoes start at INR 20,000. A typical pair of genuine leather shoes average at INR 14,000. At Unhide, our locally sourced raw material allows us to price our full grain leather footwear products starting from INR 7,499. For the same price of a genuine leather pair, we can provide you with a full grain shoe that does not contain any additional material; from the soles to the inner lining to the outer finish are all made using full grain leather. What's better is that it is made to order, which means you always get a fresh product for a fraction of the price.